Children's Dentistry Falls Church

Children's Dentistry Falls Church VA

Great Smile Dental is known for specialized Children's Dentistry. We treat children and adolescents in a child-friendly environment. As pediatric dentists, we pay attention on preventative dental care to help each child develop a healthy and beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.
At Great Smile Dental, we offer tender dental care services for children. We understand that the first visit of a child to the dental clinic sets the tone for their feelings about oral care for the rest of their life. Our staff makes sure that every visit of your child is a fun and positive experience.

Dental services for children in Falls Church

Our practice offers the most up-to-date services for dental needs of child including:

  • Dental Cleaning
  • Dental Fillings
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Child Root Canal
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Tooth Extractions

Dr. Homan Solemaninejad and entire team are encouraging dentists. They develop custom dental care plans based on needs and requirements of children. Our team has children specific preventive and conservative treatments.

Kids Teeth Cleaning Falls Church

At Great Smile Dental, we provide professional dental cleanings and examinations services. We believe that preventative dental care is essential for kids to keep their teeth in healthy condition. Our goal is to provide best teeth cleanings to children and teach them how to practice good oral hygiene at home.

Kids Teeth Fillings Falls Church

As one of the leading Children's Dentistry Clinic, Great Smile Dental offers arrant quality dental Fillings for children. Our fillings are attractive, durable, and compatible. Our dentists tenderly remove the decayed area of the tooth and bond directly with white fillings. White fillings look like natural teeth and are less likely to cause cracks.

Gum Disease Treatment Falls Church

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. It is an infection of the gums surrounding your teeth. Dr. Homan Solemaninejad offer advanced periodontal services that are safer, quicker and more comfortable for children.

Child Root Canal Falls Church

Root canals are rarely needed in children. However, there are cases when a root canal becomes necessary in children. Dr. Homan Solemaninejad is a specialist in child root canal procedures. Our doctor utilizes advance technology to make sure that dental treatments are pain-free for children. Yes, even root canal!

Wisdom Teeth Removal Falls Church

Impacted wisdom teeth can move other teeth as they grow. This can interrupt crowns, bridges and partial dentures. It can also result bite problems and mouth pain. At Great Smile Dental, Dr. Homan Solemaninejad is expert of Wisdom Teeth Removal. Our child specialist dentists make their best effort to make teeth Extractions as lesser painful as possible.

Dentist Falls Church

Our doctors recommend Stainless Steel Crowns that cover whole tooth. These crowns are durable and restore back teeth after decay.