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Family Dentistry Falls Church, VA

At Great Smile Dental, we are passionate about dental health.  We are the best when it comes to Family Dentistry in Falls Church. We keep needs and requirements of our patients at the forefront. We primarily focus on comfort, care, goals, and smile of our patients. We believe in providing preventive care, to stop oral problems from beginning and treat small issues before they create big problems.

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Your smile is one of the most important features of your personality. Our Dentist knows that having a bright, beautiful and healthy smile enhances physical appearance and lets you smile with confidence. Let us help you achieve smile of your dreams!

At Great Smile Dental, we offer advance Cosmetic Dental Procedures. Our cosmetic dental clinic is known for arrant cosmetic dental treatments. We are experts when it comes to cosmetic dental treatments. Our local cosmetic dentist is capable of performing various cosmetic procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Teeth Whitening in Falls Church
  • Composite Bonding in Falls Church
  • Dental Implants in Falls Church
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings in Falls Church
  • Porcelain Veneers installation
  • Clear Orthodontic Aligners in Falls Church

Our teeth whitening at the dentist utilize cutting-edge technology and advance quality material to provide you natural and beautiful smile. All our cosmetic dentists Falls Church are highly qualified and experienced.

Invisalign Falls Church

Consider Invisalign in Falls Church treatment to get the beautiful and straight teeth that you have always dreamed of — without braces.  Invisalign treatment makes use of a series of virtually invisible, comfortable and removable aligners. Invisaligns are clear braces that are made using 3D computer technology.  These invisible braces are safe, proven and effective.

At Great Smile Dental, we have the best orthodontist in Falls Church for Invisalign treatment. Since Invisaligns are invisible you can wear them anywhere anytime. These are adult braces. They are very convenient.

The Invisalign cost varies from clinics to clinics. At Great Smile Dental, cost of Invisalign is not very much expensive than traditional braces for teeth. However, rest depends on the level of treatment.

Implant Dentistry Falls Church

Implant Dentistry in Falls Church is one of the most reliable tooth replacement therapies. At Great Smile Dental, we provide many types of dental implant services. Dr. Homan Solemaninejad is expert in family implant dentistry. Our dentist can optimize the treatment and match the implants according to your clinical situation. Our Implant Dentist knows how to handle complicated procedures like soft tissue grafting and bone grafting.

Dentist Falls Church

From Teeth cleaning to teeth whitening and oral examinations to wisdom tooth extraction, we offer all types of dental services. Our medical practitioners first understand your condition by thoroughly examining your X-ray and mouth, and then provide the necessary treatment.

Dentists at our clinic are known Bridges and Dentures services for both children and adults. Whether you need dental crown, Bridges, Dentures or tooth filling, Great Smile Dental is one stop destination for you.